DiabeteWise - Stanford Medicine

Person-centered consulting - copyediting, quality assurance, video content .

DiabetesWise is a diabetes device recommendation tool for patients. It translates five psychological profiles of people with diabetes into a quiz that recommends devices based on their personality type. Along with the recommendations there are curated videos of people with similar concerns and preferences based on the quiz results to provide context for recommendations.

During the beta testing stage there were several development needs including

  • Rewriting copy for the website that was medically accurate but needed to be easy for patients to understand and half the original length.  

  • Testing recommendation results to identify discrepancies with the personality types and results for Design Lead at Healthmade Design.

  • Creating content for and testing the process for remote patient video stories that were paired with recommendations.

Patient video content creation and consulting

Created five videos with detailed process on instructions to pilot remotely contributed video content for DIY automated insulin pump diabetes therapy recommendation in terms of device functionality, ease of use, and comfort.  

Produced a document that outlined ways to streamline remote interviews including what questions would be asked, modified instructions for recording and sending of files, and copy for instructions.

Remote interviewing was used to collect other subsequent DiabetesWise videos.


Quality Assurance

Strategically test quiz combinations to find discrepancies in medical study personality type logic and results.

Created a quality assurance spot testing table that I used to test thousands of quiz results to identify logic as well as website errors. Notated why the combination results were incorrect and what needed to be shown to accurately reflect study recommendations.

Design lead was able to identify errors previously undocumented with the quiz and fix them with back-end developers.


Rewrote all (60+) diabetes device recommendations to be accurate for a combination of personality and preferences described,

Created a table of all personality traits and systematically modified statements to contain the most important information in the simplest person-centered language.

Cut the average copy length from 400 to 200 words.