One Drop [Informed Data Systems]

Diabetes Infographic synthesized from medical research and literature

One Drop is a leading diabetes management digital healthcare company. The lead designer and VP of Marketing/Consumer Experience needed to synthesize multiple pieces of medical literature into a branded infographic that helped describe what happens when people with T2D eat and how hormones balance blood sugar in the body.

The project involved reviewing and synthesizing medical literature on glycogen and insulin as balancing hormones in the body with medical review and approval by Dr. David Rodbard (Inventor of the AGP report) who approved my understanding of the medical literature and its representation.

Excerpt of images and information that needed to be synthesized using the design and brand conventions of One Drop.

Excerpt from completed infographic design that contextualizes the source material literature during a meal for someone with Type 2 Diabetes.

Livongo Slides V1 2_21_19 (4).jpg

For full infographic visit Diabetes Daily.

Infographic also featured on One Drop’s website and social media multiple times as well as used for subsequent infographics to show food being metabolized into carbohydrates entering the blood stream.

Additional elements of the infographic below.

Livongo Slides V1 2_21_19 (3).jpg