MedSculp - Diabetes Data Sculptures

Diabetes Data Sculpture are a new more accessible language for patient medical data. They transform thousands of blood glucose numbers for patients into understandable trends as a 3D-printed handheld object.

Diabetes Data Sculpture Info.jpg

*App in progress *

The Problem: People with chronic illnesses like diabetes have to record daily logs of blood sugar, medicine, and are expected to understand this information from day one.  Unfortunately the complexity of the charts, graphs, and numbers used in healthcare are suitable for only about 12% of the US population that have high health literacy and numeracy. 

The Solution: Transform the same data people are already collecting to keep track of their diabetes into fun customizable sculptures that break down complex statistics based on personal health trends into texture, form, and color as objects that can be held in the palm of your hand. 

Our Process


Collect Patient Medical Data


 Insulin Pumps (left)

 Blood Glucose Meters (center)

 Continuous Glucose Monitors (right)


Analyze Patient Data Trends


 Blood Glucose Averages

 Time in custom ranges

 Combinations of multiple diabetes metrics

Translate Health Trends