Livongo Health, Inc.

Data visualization design, corporate learning sessions, person-centered software recommendations.

Livongo empowers people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. Livongo’s team of data scientists aggregate and interpret substantial amounts of health data and information to create actionable, personalized, and timely insights and nudges delivered to members to help them stay healthier. Livongo helps members from over 600 corporate organizations and 4 of the leading 7 healthcare plans manage conditions including diabetes, mental health, hypertension, and weight loss.

  • Designed multivariate data visualizations incorporating continuous glucose monitor, Fitbit, insulin pump, emotion tracking, and carbohydrate consumption data.

  • Led corporate learning sessions in Mountain View and Chicago headquarters locations to teams comprising members from marketing, clinical, commercial, data science, health coaching, and design business areas of Livongo with SVP level attendance.

  • Produced person-centered software and data visualization recommendations for two versions of Livongo’s blood glucose meter.

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Data visualization design

VP of Data Science and SVP of Culture and learning commissioned a multivariate data visualization of the experience members have during challenging times of the year. The visualization needed to incorporate how recommendations from Livongo coaches would impact outcomes during a holiday across physical and emotional variables.

  • MedSculp developed a custom piece of software that aggregated FitBit and Dexcom glucose data to facilitate data visualization of related variables.

  • Worked with a Livongo coach to identify what variables would be most valuable to visualize and what their recommendations were for holiday behavior change including exercise, meal planning, and medication dosing strategy.

  • Developed a color and texture coded 3D Data visualization method to depict six different health variables, which were prototyped with a high fidelity 3D resin printer along with a screen-based version of the visualizations.

Produced three high fidelity prototypes of multivariate data visualizations, which incorporated over 100 data points each. The 2D and 3D visualizations showed the impact of exercise, diet, and medication based on recommendations from a Livongo coach.

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Corporate Learning Sessions

Invited by SVP of Culture and Learning to provide hour long learning sessions on data visualization for people with diabetes and person-centered design at Mountain View and Chicago offices.

Interviewed members of Livongo’s marketing, coaching, and member support team to customize presentation to Livongo products and forward looking data visualization and design needs.

Delivered two distinct hour long presentations and demonstration of data visualizations as well as an analysis of select Livongo product features with attendance by Livongo’s Executive Chairman, SVP of Operations, and VP of Clinical Services.

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Person-centered software recommendations

Provided UX feedback and recommendations on two different versions of the Livongo telemedicine glucose meter with connected coaching services.

Used both versions of the Livongo meter with entry of exercise, emotion, and glucose data for several months. Participated in Livongo Diabetes Management coaching sessions, which included guidance on meal planning, low blood glucose treatment, and medication dosing strategies. Reviewed personal diabetes data on Livongo meter and Livongo patient portal dashboards.

Provided design, operations, and marketing team members feedback on Livongo meter interface, emotion tagging, patient portal dashboard, and data in the context of coaching.