Mementos of Blood and Fire (2011-2015)

In 2011 I participated in the reconstruction of the Gwozdziec Synagogue in Poland. This project was a collaboration between Handshouse Studio in Boston and POLIN, The Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. I spent three weeks in the mountains of Poland in Sanok learning wood working by hand from Timber framers from around the world. We spent eight hours a day five days a week on the construction site without any power tools building a 75% replica of the synagogue ( all of which were burned between WWI-WWII) they way it would have been built by the communities in the region.

The structure which was built entirely of white pine comprised thousands of wooden pegs which were hammered into the beams to keep the structure stable in addition to dovetail joints.

My sculptures Mementos of Blood & Fire came out of this project. I returned home to Chicago with one of these pegs I had carved and transformed it into iron replicas and then sent it back to those from the project as a memento to our work and the permanence of friendship. The iron that flows in our blood and which the pegs are made of was forged within the same stars. The objects take on new meaning and new properties as unburnable testaments to the histories we are recognizing and the support structures of human relationships.


Muscle Memetics                                                

70lb wearable bronze back prosthetic, leather strappings


Click Here for project page and performance.


The Victory Project Aluminum Wings

Constructed three pairs of modular aluminum wings for Erica Mott's performance The Victory Project.

Cannons and Mobile Piano Cart for Redmoon Theater's J.O.E. (Joyous Outdoor Event)

Led design as an emerging artist for large-scale props for Redmoon Theater's summer spectacle event.

Erect Absence 

Hollow form plaster and linen sculpture with a carved basin and vaseline.